Saturday, 6 December 2008

Heather G Foster, Deborah Grant + Arvon Wellen

Heather G Foster

Heather is an English woman who lived for a time in Nigeria and is now settled in Yorkshire in the north of England. Heather seems to mainly work at making images of landscape type subject matter with some abstract compositions thrown in to the mix here and there. Her main printmaking technique is intaglio etching with some collagraph and drypoint. She also uses screenprint, mixes media with the use of collage and other materials.

Deborah Grant

Deborah Grant is an American, based in New York, who works out of the Lower East Side Printshop. She takes her subject matter from modern art history itself as well as from contemporary culture. She uses whatever medium suits her content too - ranging from straight forward 2d work to "print objects" (such as the Marlon Brando piece featured here), as well as sculpture and paintings..Deborah exhibits throughout the USA.

Arvon Wellen

As a printmaker Arvon has used, and continues to use, traditional methods of printmaking such as etching and screenprinting. But for about the last fifteen years he has mostly made digital prints. He often combines processes making multi-layered prints with both digital and etching techniques.