Monday, 31 January 2011

IPCNY Spring 2010-11 "New Prints Programme"

More info on Hilda Shen can be found here at her portfolio on the net.

Ian involves himself in some pretty labour intensive process and thinks deeply as to the creation of his artworks - to have a look at where he is coming from check out his website 

Its always real interesting to have a look inside other peoples house ? as in to see other artists portfolios on the internet.  Noah's is another nice website well organized and interesting bits and pieces to leaf through HAVE A LOOK

Most of this artists artwork seems to be about the HOME - from what I could see on Alysia's website
Have a look for yourself and see what you think...............
Jenny Weiner, a UK based artist also exhibited  her work in the RSA's  Summer show in 2010 -  titled "Dividing Cezanne’s Planes" it was another piece  combining old and new technology and was mentioned in an article on that subject by Camilla Corr,  on "Output Magazine"s  website.  See the article here.
Link to Jenny's WEBSITE