Thursday, 15 October 2009

"Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints" talk about tradigital artists they've worked with

 Sabrina de Turk phD  art historian)  presents the video

Here’s the website of the print place, where she is based

 The artist printmaker mentioned in the video, Abercrombie,  is linked to Philigrafika through their invitational portfolio

Monday, 5 October 2009

Oregon Inkspot 2009

About her work Connie Carruthers, says" my artistic investigations focus on the physical aspects of who we are and on the quirky sociology of our habits. The surface of a face, the free flowing gesture of a body, or the silliness of a social convention, all help me understand a little bit more about who we are and why we do the things we do.
My struggle is to capture the texture of our heartbeat in whatever way it wants to be depicted. Regardless of the medium, the core of my work is  humour.  Irony, satire, and puns are a few of the techniques I use to engage people.
 Media used by Connie include documentary photography, silkscreen relief print, painting, photography,  sculpture and books which are for sale through her website.

It's very difficult to find any information about Torben Soborg but I remember he had a print in a previous Inkspot Oregon exchange that I particularly liked.  He seems to work mainly using video.  Here's a link to further info on his work

Dennis Raines, an interesting chap, has been featured in an interview on this blog and discusses how and why he likes to incorporate inkjet into his printmaking.  His favored print process seems to be silkscreen although he also has worked with mezzotint.  He seems to work with various art processes including drawing, photography and sculpture.  To see more of what he has been up to of late check his Flickr photo album, which are organized into 'sets. 
There are also some nice pictures of his 2 lovely cats Elli and Miles.

Jana Jakub, definitely like to create stuff on her scanner and experimenting with photography and composition.   You can see more of her stuff on her Flickr album.  Her print "Waiting Area" here, is made using  relief and inkjet.

Chris Meyer also uses relief with inkjet - it seems quite popular with printmakers creating prints for editions although it might just be that it's the process preferred by the artists concerned. This print doesnt seem anything like the prints Chris usually does which are large monoprints with intaglio.  You can see more of his work at   Chris Meyers website.

Ida Kumoji's print linocut on inkjet features the background that is much more indicative of her interests as an artist." I am trying to create a new medium, by introducing elements from different cultures.  This integration respects both languages, and the new language that is created maintains the forms of each respective culture".  She uses  "the Adinkra symbols were originally stamped in cloth, the repetition of alphabets to form these symbols brings the concept of the stamping from ancient craft to modern times"  Visit the virtual art gallery at St Katherine University to find out more.

David Mohallatee's print , "121608"   is made using a bit of everything (well...almost!) here, inkjet, chine colle, stamping and woodcut.  He has a page on Inkteraction but seems fairly busy as he has not uploaded any new work for  along time. To see what prints/artworks are there check his page.

Last but most certainly not least is "Reflections" by printmaker Candace Nicol, who appears elsewhere on this site.  A prolific printmaker, Candace has explored many processes in painting and printmaking as well as making assemblages.  She recently initiated the 6 sides to every story project, an international printmakers collaborative project.

Oregon inkspot is an international print exchange that has been on the go for a few years now and you do find some good work there, although the standard is variable.  Some printmakers enter just the one time though a few, have participated two if not three times.
It was set up by Deb Hoffnagle and Jo Topholm.  Kathelene Galloway is now the vice chair and always seems to contribute really lovely pieces.


Friday, 2 October 2009

Elizabeth Catlett

Here's an artist I never knew about until I came across this piece in  IPCNY's archive of exhibitions within its "New Prints Programme  Elizabeth Catlett.  She seems to be held in high Esteem and  has been making art for many a year now.  Sculpture and printmaking being her two preferred mediums.  Heres a link to more of her images and no doubt more information as to her long and illustrious career.  Quite a woman it seems.