Wednesday, 22 April 2009

David DuBose

I met David round about 10 years ago when I went for an interview to Seacourt Print Workshop in Northern Ireland for an artists residency. I was not the person who was selected but it was a fun frantic day of immense contrasts as in the rush to the airport from busy busy London for the early morning flight through to Belfast where I was visiting for the very first time.

Then the drive from the airport through very different neighborhoods till I arrived at Seacourt. I had my interview with a panel of people of which David was one of the people and I can not remember much about it other than that it was fine - it was informal and friendly. Quite probably they didnt select me because I am not a highly competent pritnmaker in a technical sense although I would hope that they did find me 'interesting' as an artist.

Whatever the afternoon Jean Duncan one of the founding members of Seacourt took me to her house and I just hung out there until it was time for me to get dropped to the airport for my flight back to London. It was a sunny day.

I have recently reconnected with and become'friends' with David, through the printmakers community website Inkteraction.

A very experienced printmaker David always seems to be exploring possibilities within his fine art practice and this includes playing around with inkjet and painting - as well as printmaking!"
Davids website is well worth a visit - there really is a lot of interesting work to look at!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Justin Strom and Malynda Poulsen Jones

Malynda Poulsen Jones

Malynda Poulsen Jones - has an interesting website, where you can see her working in various media - take a peek - it's


Justin Strom

See more of Justins work on