Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lisa Bulawsky

Are these not beautiful?  Lisa is an artist who makes very beautiful complex artworks , using all sorts of techniques.  I was a fellow exhibitor with Lisa in an exhibition in Falun, Sweden in 2007.  Her work in that show was one of the pieces I particularly liked - it was a series of pieces of about A4 size that were exhibited as an installation with the suitcase they came in, as part of the work.   Hers a link to the work in that exhibition - it shows the entire exhibition, which was held in Falun   I have been meaning to do a post on here of her work for ages.
You really have to go  to her website to get an idea of where she is coming from, or you can just enjoy the works as you view them - because that's how they are - to be looked at and intellectually, so to speak, consumed.  Here's her website