Friday, 25 September 2009

Inkjet and Mezzotint - Francisco Souto

With reference to actually combining old and new printmaking technologies Francisco Souto

says " it represents the perfect vehicle to create a body of work where the subject matter is recontextualized and disjointed by pairing objects in sequence of optical moments. It becomes the expression of complex relationships."

Friday, 18 September 2009

Jenny Schmid talks about her work at the Soap Factory

You can see more of Jenny's work on her website Bikini Press

Jo Horswills prints and blog

I rather liked this print I found on Jo Horswill's blog which I clicked on because it came up when I did a search for information  pertaining to the gelatin monoprint process. 
Jo's Blog makes for a 'familiar' feeling read and I like that she talks about her printmaking processes as well as many other things.  The story behind the making of this print of Jo's is really lovely.

  Having seen some videos about the gelatin print technique  on  You Tube I became convinced that it would be worth trying it out after all.    I say this because I initially was dismissive of it.  Maybe it's because I recently, did a few days of water color based monoprinting myself,  following my recovery from my spinal surgery that I now feel more like I want to try it out.

But NO !!  I think it's actually SEEING SOMEONE DOING IT - thats what it is!!

 The video I watched was by Linda Germain.  I am just thinking that this will be a good print technique to combine with inkjet,  as in 'the meeting of high tech with 'kitchen sink' !!!  Check out Linda's blog too which is listed on her main website.