Saturday, 2 January 2010

Adam X aka (lifeapoptosis) from Wisconsin, USA

Adam Is a 23 year old art student from Wisconsin who is doing  a lot of thinking  and reading during the first year of his degree course in  printmaking  at art school.  He is trying out lots of  techniques including litho, silkscreen, woodcut  and etching.  He seems to like to combine techniques amongst which he has been trying out inkjet with etching.  From reading his blog which I came across recently it would seem that  he really loves participating in figure drawing from life.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Christopher Clark, Jennifer D. Anderson and Carolina Espinosa

Recently I checked out the “Littlest Print Exchange”website, in which I originally, was to be a participant.  However because  my ‘standby’ spinal surgery kicked in,  for the end of June 09 I had to forgo my inclusion making hospitalization  a priority – none the less  I certainly was very interested to see what the other printmakers  had produced.

Surprisingly out of fifty artists, only three decided to utilize digital print with traditional techniques  for their edition,  namely Christopher Clark (the co ordinator) , Jennifer D. Anderson and my favorite  piece where the tradigital works were concerned Carolina Espinosa
Participating artists were required to make fifty  3.5" x 3.5" prints.  The idea being that each artist  submit an edition of 50 prints and in turn receives a complete portfolio of 50 prints from all of the 50 individual artists.
I have also included some others here that caught my eye by Melody Knight Leary,  Brett GrunigRakesh Bani, and Katarzyna Cepek.
You can see all of the 50 tiny prints here