Sunday, 7 July 2013

Diane Longley

Now this is an artist !!!  Imaginative, adventurous, experimental and prodigious.

Among other things Diane works with intaglio, oil paint, wax, pyrography and also makes an artists book or two
Based in Australia - you will have to go visit Diane's website to see more as  I was only able to grab one of her images.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Celeste Pierson

"No Way Out"           Celeste Pierson       inkjet and intaglio  (no size given)  2008

I like the subject of this image - it seems to go well with the title - that sense of being trapped, I feel that the choice of techniques just so well suits the intentions  of the artist..

This particular piece by Celeste seems to be a one off - as in there are no further pieces of this ilk (sp?) 
but her website features other works as in paintings artist books and other printmaking pieces.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lynne Allen

I have long admired the work of this artist, Lynne Allen (U.S.A.) and am delighted to share this wonderful work.  I have always loved the first image "Wind Woman"...............  absolutely gorgeous !!!!

Wind Woman     17" x 17"    Digital print, relief intaglio, woodcut   2006

                      Conflict Journal. 17" x 17". Digital print,relief printing, sewing.  2006

Hook   17" x 17"  Digital print, embossing  2006

Detail Prey  22" x 60"  Digital print, handwork 2000

extract from artists statement by Lynne Allen:

"Empathy is the power to imagine a world outside your own experience.

The objects and prints I make remind us of those contested spaces between domination and struggle, strength and weakness, wrongs committed and rights uncorrected. 
Although seemingly disconnected, they hold a complex layer of meaning that operates within the personal and private, and the public and historical."  

Check out her website