Sunday, 23 October 2011

ANTHONY HOLMQUIST trace monotype with inkjet

I like these two prints by Anthony Holmquist who is an  
 Assistant Professor (B.F.A. University of Nebraska; M.F.A. Colorado State University), where he teaches courses in printmaking and foundations, among others.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lisa Bulawsky

Are these not beautiful?  Lisa is an artist who makes very beautiful complex artworks , using all sorts of techniques.  I was a fellow exhibitor with Lisa in an exhibition in Falun, Sweden in 2007.  Her work in that show was one of the pieces I particularly liked - it was a series of pieces of about A4 size that were exhibited as an installation with the suitcase they came in, as part of the work.   Hers a link to the work in that exhibition - it shows the entire exhibition, which was held in Falun   I have been meaning to do a post on here of her work for ages.
You really have to go  to her website to get an idea of where she is coming from, or you can just enjoy the works as you view them - because that's how they are - to be looked at and intellectually, so to speak, consumed.  Here's her website

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Marilee Salvator

I was somewhat surprised today when I realised that I hadn't included artist, Marilee Salvator here already.   She was one of my early internet friends.  That must have been 4 or 5 years ago.

 I felt that here was an artist making work about being a human being through the artworks she makes -  and not just talking 'the talk' .  What I mean is here was someone,  NOT  issuing forth a lot of  'pseudo intellectual'  artspeak in her statement OR HER WORK.

Her work is abstract and figurative varying from whatever the series is about.  The earlier pieces I saw of hers were "Raindrops" and "The Sexual Abuse" series  (the latter which I thought was a very brave move) you just have to admire that.  I don't think that I could have been that outspoken ( in a visual sense - as such).

Marilee's latest  artwork is a large installation  called "Growth Patterns "  see image below" concerned with cell growth in a medical biological sense.

I must say I am curious to find out more about it - how she made it - it seems to be printed on something other than paper ?
Perhaps I will check out her blog
Here is Marilee's portfolio url  it's well worth a visit.

Monday, 31 January 2011

IPCNY Spring 2010-11 "New Prints Programme"

More info on Hilda Shen can be found here at her portfolio on the net.

Ian involves himself in some pretty labour intensive process and thinks deeply as to the creation of his artworks - to have a look at where he is coming from check out his website 

Its always real interesting to have a look inside other peoples house ? as in to see other artists portfolios on the internet.  Noah's is another nice website well organized and interesting bits and pieces to leaf through HAVE A LOOK

Most of this artists artwork seems to be about the HOME - from what I could see on Alysia's website
Have a look for yourself and see what you think...............
Jenny Weiner, a UK based artist also exhibited  her work in the RSA's  Summer show in 2010 -  titled "Dividing Cezanne’s Planes" it was another piece  combining old and new technology and was mentioned in an article on that subject by Camilla Corr,  on "Output Magazine"s  website.  See the article here.
Link to Jenny's WEBSITE