Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Brodsky Centre for printmaking New Jersey USA

The Brodsky Center in the Mason Gross School of the Arts, at Rutgers State University of New Jersey is a major research institution. 

Their aim is,  to enable artists, to create  innovative art work using printmaking technology. 
Artists are invited to engage in collaborations with resident master printers such as John C Erickson and Randy Hemminghaus to produce innovative new works – they also have the opportunity to collaborate with expert papermakers. 

The works featured here are a selection of pieces those that  incorporate inkjet with lithography, silkscreen and etching.  There are further examples on their website

Sometimes the artists working there will be using the medium for the first time while others will already have a familiarity and expertise.
Their goal is to  promote editions, paper and the printed image as central to contemporary art practice.  This is undertaken by presenting lectures, courses, internships and exhibitions.  They also run an artist in residence program, although there are no details posted on their website,  concerning this,  at present.  

For more information and to see a lot more printmaking check out their website

Co incidentally I created a post about Nancy Spero who is an artist I have long admired over on my regular printmaking blog .  It was when I heard that she had died - that was a couple of months ago.