Saturday, 7 August 2010

Capozzi the Art Gangster and Sweet little Bambi ??!!

Well thats what it looks like to me - and I am sure Robert (Capozzi) would have something different to say.  I have just been looking at his website and Blog and believe me - that guy gets himself / his artwork about the place .  Which is a good thing.  I quite like this image by him - its different and contemporary.  His website and blog is certainly worth having a look at too.  

The work is titled  Sub-Rosa” . Apparently Robert says (in his blog) "the term sub-rosa, or “under the rose” is used in English to denote secrecy and imply covert activity.

I noticed that  he had his proposal selected and thereby  participated  in  Graphica Creativa ‘09,
held at Galeria Harmonia where I had my work exhibited a few years ago as part of  "Printmaking at the Edge" through being an artist featured in Richard Noyces book of that name.
I also submitted a proposal for a collaborative installation with my good friend Elisabeth Omdahl (Norway) for this exhibition, but  it wasnt selected.    As I said to Elisabeth in an email I sent her about a week ago I think it was as much the manner in which one proposed to EXECUTE the 'collaborating' as the aesthetic of the work itself which I think was more the emphasis in our proposal.  I have come across one or two other artists who had works in that show and wasn't that impressed with any of it, of course it's all a matter of personal taste when you really think about it.

 Still I will keep my eye out for when they put the next  'call for work' which should be held in 2011.  Maybe it will come out soon.