Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Teague, Jones, Kreuger, Labuz and Raines

Lets start today with a couple of pieces I found by Clare Teague both using inkjet print with silkscreen. She is either just about to graduate or has just ��� I can���t remember which. But she says that she is interested in combining the two processes i.e., traditional printmaking and inkjet.

On a more curious note is the work of Claude Jones whose works are described as ���biobobular��� (it is unclear if this was her own description or that given by another)? The title of the works as in ���Neo-Nates��� and ���Imperfecta��� give an indication as to this artists concerns. Her pieces use intaglio, inkjet and wax.

Next we have a print by Andrzej Labuz (Poland) who uses drypoint and inkjet. I came across his work in the documentation of an exhibition held in 2004 in Thailand. He won joint first prize for this piece which although we cannot see physically gives to me the sense that it is well integrated conceptually and technically. No further references were available on the web concerning Labuz; although of course with my severely limited language skills in Polish it might just be a question of interpretation as opposed to publication

Last but not least are a couple of pieces by Michael Krueger who uses Lithography with inkjet.

Dennis Raines

Look out for a forthcoming interview with artist Dennis Raines about his printmaking practice, using inkjet and whatever else suits his wide ranging and witty ideas, sometime soon !!!

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  1. Hi;

    Just happened to run across this blog while googling myself. My name is actually Teague Clare and I'm male. :)

    The prints linked in your post were done towards the end of my degree studies, and the piece titled "Last Supper" is acrylic serigraph on toner prints (laser fused), not inkjet.