Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cecilia Mandrile

I first came across Cecilia's artwork about 10 years ago - I believe I saw it in Grapheion magazine , a bi lingual (English, Czech) art journal, previously published about 3 times a year but now once a year if things are going well. Grapheion is a very interesting publication so its well worth a look. 

That particular article had Cecilia's  doll forms photographed on the waters edge,  somewhere in South America............but I could be wrong as to the location - anyway I liked them very much and just the idea of taking them to different palaces and documenting them in different contexts.  Wish I had that original image I saw.  I am pleased to see that Cecilia has finally gotten around to getting her own website together ( like me) .....you can see more of her work and the ideas behind it at her website


  1. This is wonderful. I just saw your comment on INKTERACTION about being a printer in progress and googled your name and came upon your website. There I see Cecilia Mandrile work. I have known her for 11 years but I have never met her. We send emails perhaps twice a year. We "met" through "Women of the World" a global show where we represented our countries. A small world. All the best, Soffia