Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lynne Allen

I have long admired the work of this artist, Lynne Allen (U.S.A.) and am delighted to share this wonderful work.  I have always loved the first image "Wind Woman"...............  absolutely gorgeous !!!!

Wind Woman     17" x 17"    Digital print, relief intaglio, woodcut   2006

                      Conflict Journal. 17" x 17". Digital print,relief printing, sewing.  2006

Hook   17" x 17"  Digital print, embossing  2006

Detail Prey  22" x 60"  Digital print, handwork 2000

extract from artists statement by Lynne Allen:

"Empathy is the power to imagine a world outside your own experience.

The objects and prints I make remind us of those contested spaces between domination and struggle, strength and weakness, wrongs committed and rights uncorrected. 
Although seemingly disconnected, they hold a complex layer of meaning that operates within the personal and private, and the public and historical."  

Check out her website    http://www.lynneallen.com/index.html


  1. Hey Aine! I was actually the printer for the first one, and one of the printers for the next two! Arent they wonderful? I am proud to say I have a printer proof for each!!!

  2. These prints are phantastic!