Monday, 11 August 2008

Graphica Creativa

Recently I had reason to visit the website of Graphica Creativa, based in Finland and I came across these two Finnish printmakers making prints in a tradigital manner.

Grafica Creativa’s website lately does not seem to be functioning properly although it ought to contain archives of the numerous triennial events that it has presented.?
I cannot remember how exactly I found these but none the less here they are.
I seem to have the recollection that they were featured in Grafica Creativa 2005

In 2005, they celebrated their 30th Anniversary and presented their 11th International Print Trienial. There were four exhibitions on that occassion, Ritva-Liisa Virtanen and Jokke Saharinen featured in one of the events called Finnish Open". It was held at the Jyväskylä Art Museum.

Ritva-Liisa Virtanen

Ritva-Liisa Virtanen is a well established and experienced fine artist from Savonranta in Finland. . Apparently to begin with she worked as a graphic artist and more recently has been involving herself in installations and has been using a wider range of techniques within her work. For example in a recent exhibition she made a wax cake to be situated on a table,that was part of an installation or performance as part of Tina B
The whole thing was linked to The Prague Contemporary Art Festival

About her print Ritva says « oil is the origin of cowboys and plastic soldiers. Wisdom of the bees is that their honeycombs keep giving giving birth to new bee generations. Real soldiers set out to fight for oil, and at the same time billions of bees are hatching out of their combs. »

« Jokke Saharinen »

Co incidentally Jokke Saharinen work also uses beeswax, it was shown in the same exhibition as Ritka’s and received an honorable mention. I could find no further information on Jokke that I could decipher linguistically.

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