Thursday, 19 March 2009

Art For Humanity

Put simply “Art for Humanity” is an arts based project based in South Africa that I came across recently through Jan Jordaan. He is one of the main driving forces involved in this admirable and ambitious non profit based project. Located in Durban, and with an international ethos, it organizes research that advocates human rights issues.
The means of undertaking these can be in the form of e.g., print portfolios. exhibitions and billboards, all aimed towards social education and development.

Their website --- Ignore the “gobblygook” code at top of page and scroll down to settle into viewing the website where you will findinformation about previous and ongoing projects.

In 2007, "Women for Children” was one such project. An international print portfolio which invited 25 artists and 25 poets to participate by contributing work that addressed and raised awareness on the matter of children’s rights.

Included here is an image by Avitha Sooful and poem by Lebogang Mashile

My world in Mama’s hands
Lebogang Mashile

My world is in Mama’s hands and in Papa’s lap

On Oupa’s shoulders and on Gogo’s back

My world is an unformed promise

As soft as my flesh

Laced with a ferocious warning

Not to harm a hair’s breath

A different hue of love is calling

One compose of rivers wept

By those before me who prayed for morning

I crawl on their steps

In Mama’s hands and in Papa’s lap

On Oupa’s shoulders and on Gogo’s back.

I am a new day

Touch me gently
There is no going back.

Lefatshe la ka Matsohong a mme
Sesotho translation: Mohau Letsie

Lefatshe la ka moetshong a mme hedima ntate

Mahetleng a ntatemolo le mokotlong wa nkgono

Lefatshe la ka ke thepiso sa hlophiswang
Le bonolo jwaloka letlalo la ka
Le tletse dihlokomediso tse bohale
Hore ho seke ha utlwiswa moya bohloko
Mofuta o fapaneng wa lerato o ntse o bitsa
O tshwanang le noka ha e lla
Jwaloka bao ba tlileng pele ho nna ba rapella mafube

Ke kgasa mehlaleng ya bona

Matsohong a mme le hodima ntate

Mahetleng a ntatemoholo le mokokotlang wa nkgono

Ke letsatsi le letjha

Ntshware ka hloko
Ha ho sa na ho kgutlela morao


Click here to go directly to the ‘Women for Children” project page and to also view the “Dialogues” project currently in development which will be launched around the time of the 2012 World Cup Football tournament.


You can also visit their blog
which includes documentation of some of their workshops with various groups in community settings in the region.

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