Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tom Phillips and Ron Pokrasso

Have you heard of either of these artists ?   - it's quite likely that you have.
I first became aware of Ron Pokrassos artwork because of an image of his which I really loved.  It was in a book I had (still do somewhere) by Julia Ayres  (Ayres, J. Monotype. New York: Watson Guptill Publications, 1991.)
At the time I was trying to get somewhere with Monoprinting which was my first love in the realm of printmaking. I don't think I had my own etching press, back then,  so quite a few of my efforts were in vain. But that's another story and I digress.

It looked something like this image ( i.e., the image by Ron, that I particularly liked).    He had made an etching which he then made monoprinted 'areas' onto,  so that each time - it went through the press - it came out as a different image,  with the central character (as such) remaining constant.

I seem to remember that there was also a reference to his work, in my main printmaking technical manual until recently namely "Ross, J., C. Romano, and T. Ross. The Complete Printmaker. New York: The Free Press, 1990".

It's good to know that artists such as Ron also work or at least have experimented with Inkjet and traditional printmaking. Check out more of Ron's work at his very organized and extensive website.


I believe that most artists will have heard of the work of Tom Phillips and particularly his work "Humament" which is his most well known piece.
He has a website dedicated to it.  In fact whilst there -  I discovered that its possible to see a slideshow of all the pages in this renowned bookart piece.

Whilst there  I became aware that Tom has been using the medium of printmaking for quite some time   See more of his works at his website.

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