Monday, 1 March 2010

Lilian Ingram

In her artists statement ( a thing which used to terrify me) Lilian Ingram  says

"My work............ explores the idea of soul and the different metaphors used to communicate it. 

I investigated this through both my pratical work and my thesis entitled 'Making the Invisble Visible: Exploring the Idea of Soul'. 

We each know what it feels like to be conscious, to be aware of ourselves and our experiences, but it is very difficult to explain. 

The concept that we humans are more than our body, that we possess an immortal soul is widely believed by many.     My work explores the soul as something that is unique and inseparable from the individual as well as the notion that the basic constituents of soul/consciousness are raw feelings or sensations. 
See some more lovely works by Lilian on her website at

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