Wednesday, 3 March 2010

TRADIGITAL PRINT portfolio exchange ??


Tradigital portfolio/ exchange/ exhibition/ book
definition of what is meant by this is at the top (header) of this blog

That's a long title - I know .  But I just thought that I 'd see if any of you respond as I need to do something "actual" and real,  in relation to this blog.   It's getting more and more  difficult to keep up my momentum.   I kind of want to initiate some action in relation to the ethos of the research, as it were.

I would love to co ordinate a portfolio exchange project but would want for it to be exhibited as well, internationally. 
As I am an independent artist without allegiances to eg the academic world - this makes things more difficult but there may be  benefits that I am unaware of, as of yet.

............................ Additionally I would like to see a book come out of this project,  perhaps using Blurb dot com or Lulu dot com.    I have previously thought that I would like a design/layout  for a  book by one of these 'self publishing outfits which has some pages in the book left deliberately blank.
Obviously the nature of the paper would need to be considered.  Thereafter artists involved with this exchange/project  would make a "a  printmaking"  intervention therein  (i.e., within these "designated  blank areas").
The book would document the creation of the prints;  the digital technology and equipment  used,  along with the papers + materials.   Additionally the traditional processes would be explored  as well as the content/ subject of the artworks (providing the individual artists were agreeable).  I would like to explore how the role  of physically making the print interacts with the development of ideas and associations in relation to the artists initial intentions.

It's just a pipe dream, as such,  at the moment but I couldn't do this on my own and would need partners
I wouldn't want for the project to be wide open either in terms of participants,  in that there would have to be some kind of   'selection' process.  Obviously if one wants for the project to be high calibre,  then the  standard of the work would have to be high.   Having previously participated in portfolio exchanges - I know all too well,  the dissapointment of receiving an unsatisfactory batch of return prints,  of which  for example two thirds,  appear to have been done at the last minute and even then  were not even properly finished or printed.

I have connections with a good number of what I consider interesting and professional   printmakers so that's not so much an this point in time it's partners coming on board who are willing to make efforts in relation to getting the portfolio exhibited and or to help with designing the layout of the book that are particularly sought. 

Perhaps you have experience of using the Blurb book design software or have a facility for such things?  Maybe you have some ideas about funding.    It could be that getting involved in a project such as this would be the right thing to do in terms of your own professional development.

If you haven't been completely put off by now (which of course isn't what I wish to do rather I want for you to realize all that is involved !

then please just leave a comment with a means of my replying to you.

Email me at

As a final footnote I wouldn't imagine this coming to realization until about 18 months time so roughly the fall of  of 2011.


  1. Hi Aine,
    I think this is a great idea..... although to be honest, I don't know many printmakers who do combination prints, the one's I do are all inkjet and lino.....please put me on the list of participants..... I'd be happy to help out as well, but based in Singapore might make that difficult?

  2. This sounds like an intriguing proposal. I would be interested in participating in your portfolio exchange. I also like your idea of some sort of "selection" to insure a high quality outcome.

  3. I thought I wrote something here already. Yes, Aine, I would be interested. I know a few others who would be great to include as well. Keep me posted. Also thanks for writing about my work!

  4. I would be willing to help out with any aspect of the exchange, or even to just answer question of how my "Littlest Print Exchange" went last year. Having said that, I think you might be overestimating the amount of work required to complete a project of this nature.

  5. It will be a lot of work but completely worth it...I say go for it! I'm on board now that 6sides is starting to wind down. And I can definetely get it shown in one state...! xoxoxo

  6. I want to be involved. I have commented on this before. I dont know why it didnt show up? Lets see if it does this time or not.

  7. I'd Love to be apart of the exchange.
    James @

  8. I would love to be a part of this!

  9. Aine, if it's not yet happened I'd love to be part of this, please let me know wether it's happened, or if it's still a possability... ciao, karenVsandon