Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Marilee Salvator

Isn't this gorgeous although I don't know that the artist who made this, would be altogether that pleased at my  use of such a word, to describe it.  The artist; Marilee Salvator (USA)  is an internet friend of mine.  This piece is from the "Circles Series".
The second image featured here is from a more recent series.  in which she is combining inkjet and silkscreen.  Quite a range of techniques are combined her including lithography, relief print and etching  - as well as inkjet.
 I have been in touch with Marilee,  on and off since I first read an article about her on a web site called Myartspace,  about 3 or 4 years ago.     But I just think it's a great piece - I love how she has integrated the various techniques and of course as a lover of earth colours especially blue and green - it appeals very much to my own aesthetic.    As well as  being a committed and professional fine artist - Marilee is an educator in the field of printmaking.  She is someone with her own  authentic vision as well as having courage and style.

 One of the installations or series that was mentioned in the article ( interview ) I found to be very courageous as she was exploring issues concerning childhood sex abuse.  using a range of visual elements e.g.,  child-like drawings, instructional 'sex-education' literature,  gendered materials, and  stains of menstrual fluid.   
Through the interplay of  childlike themes and  adult sexual imagery, Marilyn is seeking to throw light onto  deep-seated confusion and scarring that sexual molestation can create.

Visit Marilee's  portfolio website to see lots more beautiful accomplished work and there's a link on there to her blog as well as that interview I mentioned.

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