Saturday, 22 March 2008

Pace Prints - anybody "mixing it" over there ??

Pace Prints, New York have been on the go since 1968 and with the facility of it's own print workshop, this well-known outfit has long been publishing editions too. Many well-known American artists are featured here I'd say there were only about 40% that I had not heard of.

Included on their books are luminaries such as Francesco Clemente, Kiki Smith (one of my own favorites) and Chuck Close. So that gives you an idea of its profile in the fine art world.

I guess if you’ve got your artwork represented there - then you can’t be doing too badly.

I found several artists of relevance in their gallery - these being Vik Muniz and Jane Hammond who I’d heard of previously, whereas
“Macdermot and McGough”, Mary Hellman, and Stephen Sollins were unknown to me.

Pace Prints

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