Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tradigital artist-printmakers from OlsonLarsen

Today’s post (and I am noticing that these are not frequent enough!!) is based on artworks found on a website of a gallery Olsonlarsen dot com, based in Iowa. The gallery was originally established about twenty years ago or so and shows a range of professional fine artists with about 8 -10 printmakers out of a total of about 30 artists.

I am glad I gave it the 'once over' again as I came across a second artist on there of relevance.

To the first artist, a local, who is called Jeanine Coupe Ryding. There is no doubt from looking at her work that she is a stunning woodcut artist, creating abstract yet lyrical narratives - if that makes any sense. The two pieces that I have included here feature wood cut combined with inkjet.

Some of her other media of preference include photo etching with chine colle as well as collage and straightforward inkjet Prints.

The other artist I found at the Olson Larsen Gallery is
Timothy Frerichs, who like Jeanine the aforementioned tradigital artist, completed an MFA in Germany.
Just from browsing through Timothy’s work on the gallery website, it would appear that he is quite experimental with materials and not just in terms of printmaking which is mainly intaglio.
Drawing media include charcoal, pigment, encaustic, oil, and ink. Substrates include ‘collage on handmade paper’
‘ink on panel’, ‘collaged panel’
and ‘sandblasted glass’


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