Thursday, 13 March 2008

Print Editions and Circular Work

TRADIGITAL - experimentation in digital print which incorporates silkscreen, relief + intaglio techniques. Through this project I hope to research, learn, question, share and thereby provide an educational vehicle for practicing printmakers.

Relatively recent internet research to discover printmakers, who are tradigital, has not proved terribly fruitful; which is why for some time, I have had this idea.

In February 2008 I became aware of the A.N. artists talking
project, this gave me the impetus to get started.

In March, due to the technical difficulties, I moved the project here to Blogspot.

Initially I shall show some of my own work, to demonstrate what I have been doing within my own printmaking.

At the same time I plan to conduct research on the internet and publish my findings. As time goes on, hopefully I will get this database " and built up" shall be distributing “calls to artists” as well as inviting artists to contribute.

I am particularly hopeful that I can get artists to discuss their practice in relation to tradigital printmaking.

Details of the Images shown with this post

Aine Scannell, 'Easpa Dubra (Nature Unknown)', pigmented ink digital print, etching. 2004. Size: 26 x 32 cm approx
Made for an international print exchange project (Print Australia)
co-coordinated by Yvonne Dorricott and Josephine Severn The given theme was "Nature". Edition 23.

“I spent a long time creating backgrounds that I thought might integrate well with the etching element of this print. Ironically after much time spent exploring materials such as chalk pastel and watercolor - it was when I came across a section from one of my earlier painting on paper that I KNEW I had a 'match', also it worked in terms of theme and context, which was great.

My idea for the print being about human clones, invitro fertilization births and the like. I was thinking of how these individuals would be created and might not know what their biological roots were- their heritage in a sense. Anonymous sperm donations and so forth although the law in the UK has changed now. These were the ideas I was exploring, as I was creating my print, in response to “Nature”.

The etching was made on copper using "Photrak" (photographic acrylic resist etch), this I made using the facilities at London Print Studio.

I actually made three plates before I got it right!!
The inkjet transparency was generated out of Photoshop, using a scan of mohair wool (a favorite of mine - I very much like it's organic 'hirsute' quality). The edition for this portfolio was 23.

Aine Scannell, 'Ice Babies II', pigmented ink digital print and collagraph., 2001. Photo: A.Scannell. Size: diameter 38 cm, 1.5 cm depth. Printed on Hahnemuhle 200 gsm (approx) paper.

This is the second tradigital version of Ice Babies. It was made for exhibition initially at an artist run Galerie called Listakot in Reykjavik. I got a lot of help from an artist printmaker, Johanna Sveinsdottir prior to arriving there with my artwork. My friend Birna Matthiasdottir introduced us to one another. That gallery is closed down now.
Anyway thereafter, I reworked the piece and exhibited it as part of the Printmakers Council presentation within Fresh Art , at the Business Design Centre, London
27 – 29 July 2001

Aine Scannell, 'Vita Contempletiva', digital print with relief print, 1999. Size: 29 x 20 cm. Made for ' Partners in Print (based in Australia) – this was my very first international print portfolio exchange! Relief and inkjet print, Fabriano5 paper, Edition: 23

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