Saturday, 22 March 2008

Tradigital Printmaking by Linden Langdon

Digital Elements in Printmaking

an article by Linden Langdon

This print was developed for a print exchange which has members from a number of countries throughout the world. The exchanges happen twice a year, around the summer and winter solstice. The print size is usually very small to fit into standard envelopes – 15 x 10cm for this one.
The exchanges are themed, and the current process is for each participant to send to a central coordinator who then collates the prints and returns the collection to each person. This is a great way to look at a wide range of print techniques and be in touch with artist internationally.
The digital layer for my print is originally a solar or sun print. This is a an item, in this case a twig of Myrtle which is an endemic Tasmanian tree, which is laid on a piece of photo sensitive paper and exposed in the sun.

I then scanned the solar print and altered it in Photoshop to produce the background for the print.
The top layer is a lino cut.

Linden Langdon

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