Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tradigital printmakers from Flickr

Today’s post shows prints found on Flickr which if you are unaware is a huge photo database. It’s used by a lot of artists of many calibers. For example the first two prints on view are by people who don’t seem to have printmaking as their main practice.
Moominsean aka Sean J Rohde is from Phoenix, Arizona and his main preoccupation, really seems to be more focused on toy cameras and old cameras as is evident if you visit his personal website/blog.
However he has a collection of images on his Flickr album
though no further tradigital works that I could see. The work featured here, the first on this post, is untitled and described as inkjet on woodblock.

The next work is again found on Flickr, and is by Ida Kumoji (USA).
Its "Untitled" and described as linoleum & Digital inkjet print, Ida, seems to be mainly working in the design field so I couldn’t see any further examples of printmaking. Having said that, here is Ida's website for your curiosity/reference.
The work was entered to a print exchange with Print Zero Studios which was set up by Brian Lane and Jeremy Cody in 2003.
I did actually participate in one of these myself, a few years back.
Their own website seems to be currently offline however they use a Flickr photo album
as the window on all the exchanges and show the individual prints made and contributed towards each exchange.

The only thing that I could find out about Charles Mulligan III was that he is into playing golf. He’s the creator of this next print which is described as drypoint, inkjet and green tea (?) Again no title. This was another print exchange entry in one of the Print Zero Studios exchanges.

Afurther printmaker from Flickr making work using inkjet is Susan Gans, who works mainly using photography and etching in her work.

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