Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tradigital Printmaking -what this blog is about

I actually started a blog over on A.N. but it has limitations and therefore I have decided to bring all the material from there over to Blogger. One of the main reasons is because I will be able to tag entries and thereby be able to e.g. see all the entries for "lino and inkjet" at a glance and so forth.
Thereby making it possible to view all works made using intaglio and inkjet, which as well as hopefully being useful to visitors to this blog will also be useful for me.

Before I go any further I ought to explain what is meant by the term tradigital. Essentially it is an original print that has been made by incorporating inkjet on the paper (or other substrate) along with one or more of the traditional printmaking techniques such as intaglio, silkscreen or relief.

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  1. Hi Aine, just wanted to say a bit THANK YOU for all the work you're doing on this fantastic blog. I've got a background in photography, and have over the last couple of years been working more and more in the digital space; at the same time I'm loving working in artist print making with traditional techniques. I'm not doing the cross over just yet, but I'll get there and when I do I'll yell out to you!!! Thanks again, loving the work and the connections to the artists.... cheers, karenVsandon
    (I have a not very active blog, here on blogger, am on fb and a bunch of others, and also a website: